What If My Ex Wants to Get Back With Me and What Signs Say My Ex Wants Me Back

Published: 15th April 2009
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If you notice that your ex is all of a sudden showing that they are interested in going out and spending more time with you, and further your seeing some subtle flirtations coming your way; then it's perfectly normal to be optimistic, but caution is in order to avoid jumping to the wrong conclusion. If things similar to these are happening, you may be thinking that, my ex wants to get back with me"?

Signs like these certainly lend reason for optimism that yes, my ex wants me back. However, it's in your best interest to not quickly jump back into the relationship, if that's what your plan is at least. You should play it smart and use the old adage of playing hard to get... in moderation of course. This will very likely cement the notion that what you've been thinking is correct, "my ex wants to get back with me". But you see, if you immediately jump right back into things you may find your ex pushes you back, thus sending very mixed feelings. However, if your ex is giving you indication that leads you to conclude that my ex wants me back, then its most likely because you held your ground, playing that role of being hard to get (once again in moderation, don't overdo it). This is likely what led to getting that renewed attention in the first place.

For the most part, when he or she breaks up with you or you break up them, it's very common on both sides to have feelings of missing one another and of course wanting to get back together again. This is especially the case when the relationship lasted more than a year. You and your ex are missing each other because of the many memories you shared together as well as the experiences you went though together. Of course there will also be other emotions associated with the past too, including feelings of regret. If your thinking that my ex wants to get back with me, then there is a strong possibility that they're saying the same things, for the same reasons.

There are times that an ex will show interest again after a breakup, but the reasons for it may not be genuine. You see, they may feel that your still in love them, and it's possible that they may only be looking for attention and have no real interest in getting back together with you. That's why it's important for you to understand whether their motives are genuine, in that they really are interested in spending time with you again. It's possible that their motives aren't pure and they just want to pass the time because they have no other prospects to pursue at this point in time. What's worse, they may see this as an opportunity to get back at you for some past transgression they feel happened to them. This is why its very important to not immediately jump right back into the relationship at the first signs of reconciliation, but to focus on understanding the situation before acting on it.

This kind is situation is very common and it leads people to ask themselves, " I think my ex wants me back again", but the fact of the matter is, you should first get a feel for the whole situation and not act on emotion. You see, if your ex wants to get back with you, then playing hard to get is going to allow you to gauge the situation, size it up if you will and see what the real story is. This will serve as a protection for you especially if your ex wasn't serious about getting back together again.

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