Turn the Tables on Prank Calls

Published: 18th May 2009
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It's one thing to receive a call during the day from a wrong number and they just hang up as opposed to saying, sorry wrong number. On the other hand receive that kind of a call in the dead of night is quite another story. After all, middle of the night calls usually never bring good news. When you receive such a call and discover its one of those prank calls, how maddening that is.

You hang up the phone and your anger has blazed to new heights. As you attempt to go back to sleep, but your still seething mad over what just happened. Getting up determined to find out who that caller was you pick up your phone and dial a *69. Nobody answers. Frustrated and still upset, you go back to bed.

Stopping Prank Calls - What can be done?

From time to time most of us received the occasional prank call. Most often there one time occurrences, however, for some people that are far more serious and upsetting. In these cases you need, and should take action to put an end to it. But how?

You could file a police report, but without any information as to the prank calls identity the police are limited to how they can help you. You could also hire a private investigator to help you. This option could prove to be very expensive, especially because the method the private investigator will use, to find the prank callers name, is a service that you too can have access to. You'll be charged likely hundreds of dollars for the private investigators services.

An option that is available to you is a reverse phone detective service. This is a premium service that will reveal the persons name, address and lots more with only the telephone number. Don't confus with this service and the many do-called free reverse lookup directories on the Internet. The free services only report the public domain information, such as telephone directories of land lines. If the call came from a cell phone, unlisted number or VoiP phone, these free services won't return any results.

Once you become a member, all you need to do is enter the area code and seven digit number and then hit search, sit back and wait for the results to appear on your computers screen. In addition to the owners name and address, there are other tools that allow you to obtain even more information about the owner of that phone number, information such as family information and other public records are accessible.

Armed with information, what to do next?

You've now got the owners name and address information and your ready should they decide give you more prank calls. In the event that they do call and prank you, you could call them by name and let them know that you are fully aware of who they are. If they continue to prank call you then you can take the information to the local police department. Now you have a case because you have their number, name, address and phone records.

In most cases it will never get that far, because one the prank callers know that you have there identify pegged, they'll stop calling you. If they don't, they're in for some serious reprocesions. Keep in mind that to stop prank calls, you need information, and that information is readily available now that you know where to find it.

R.S. Leger is the author of numerous articles on reverse lookup phone number as well as other online tools that help people perform cell lookup reverse all from the privacy of their home or office

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